Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Favorite Readings

My favorite reading from this semester is in the Shelly/Cashman book. Chapter 6, discussing the integration of technology into lessons, is very meaningful to me. Because there is a relatively new emphasis on technology purchase and subsequent integration in my school district, and because I am a classroom teacher, the information in Chapter 6 fit with my life exactly. My colleagues and I spend a great deal of time deciding how to best integrate our new technology into lessons that we already have planned. As it turns out, I am the best person at my grade level in my building to do this because of this class. This is quite a change for me, but it represents growth! I found the information in the chapter to be practical and useful. It is information that I can use right away. I don't have to wait to be in a library to use it. I fully related to the attitudinal changes that teachers must make in order to comfortably integrate technology into their classrooms.

My second favorite reading is Chapter 8 from the Shelly/Cashman series. I liked this one because I was able to integrate it into my real life. I believe that's when the most effective learning takes place for my students, and I think that this is also true for me. Before entering graduate school, I had a working relationship with computers that was on a need to know basis. If I didn't have to know it to do my job, then I avoided finding out about it. Now that I am an online student, I have found that there are many things that I must know how to do with technology in general, and with computers specifically. This experience dovetails with my school district finally entering the 21st century. Suddenly, there are all kinds of technology cropping up in my job. The more I work with all this technology, the more comfortable I am with all of it. I have come a long way this semester toward conquering my fears about using technology. Also by necessity, I have learned how to cope with computer related issues that result from asking older technology (home computer)to do the same work as newer technology (school/work computer). Without the anxiety I have formerly felt, I have been able to relate almost all of the information in Chapter 8 to my personal situation. This was truly helpful information to me, and very applicable to my life.

Shelly, G. B., Cashman, T. J., Gunter, R. E., & Gunter, G. A. (2008). Teachers discovering computers: Integrating technology and digital media into the classroom (5th ed.) Boston: Thomson Course Technology.

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