Sunday, October 18, 2009

webquest on PA animals

I have created a second grade animal report project on Pennsylvania animals. I have noticed since placing it in our class DB and on our sandbox Wiki that getting it to open seems to be an issue. I will try it again here.

PA Animals Webquest
Nothing. Let's try plan B. I tried saving the link to the desktop and pulling it into the blog. No good.

Saving as a word doc. No attachment icon. What to do?

What if I added it as an image? NOpe.

Let's try again. Still no.

New try.

It's miserable to post a failure, but I can prove that I did it with a Word doc. Never mind, I can't attach it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Martha,

At least you have documented your attempts. :) I noticed that when I saved my webquest I had to save the webquest and the icon in the same folder. When I saved it to the Calcurriculum Wiki I uploaded both the webquest and the icon file so that they would both be visible.