Monday, October 26, 2009

Week 8, Librarything

Today has been a busy day. First I used Zoho Writer to publish my last post directly - and easily, I might add, from Zoho to here. Now that's the kind of technology I like. My next stop was to librarything where I saw several books authored by Dr. Lesley Farmer. Apparently Dr. Farmer is a prolific author. That's pretty interesting. Maybe there is some good reading - for after graduate school is over!
Anyway, here is the link to my librarything list. These books go with my webquest, which if you've been keeping up is a second grade PA animal report.
I'm hoping my easy day with technology holds out until bedtime.

1 comment:

Lesley Farmer said...

glad you posted your LT list here because I couldn't open it in the other area; you'll find that my books will be useful for you IN grad school...