Saturday, September 12, 2009

Things 3 and 4

So, now I have an avatar and I have registered my blog with the School Library project in California. So, now all the people there can see my idea of a blog, too. That's a little scary, but no more scary than all my classmates following my blog. This social networking thing gets very public. This reminds me to take down my YouTube book talk. I was dressed as a Gothic librarian. Not my proudest moment, but I'll do anything to get a good grade - I mean learn.


Cathie Ruble said...

A Gothic librarian? I wish I could have seen that. Was that for the YA literature class? I hope you got an A!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! You know I'm searching YouTube as soon as I'm done commenting, just kidding. I think your blog looks great so far. :)

Schmidt Staffer said...


Your blog is absolutely cracking me up here tonight, and I can't believe I missed your Gothic book talk for our YA class! Can you post it on your blog? ;)

I especially like your Kiddie pic with the AACR2. I have to take it lying down sometimes, too!

As far as YouTube is concerned, sometimes I find answers to "how to" questions there. For one of our past classes, I wanted to put a YouTube video into my PowerPoint slide, and I was able to find a step by step tutorial on how to do it on YouTube. It has become an awesome resource in that respect. (And, of course, an entertaining pastime for many.)