Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 4 Thing 9

So, to my surprise I see that I already have Google Reader account. This must have happened when I did something else recently. So, I learned a few things about subscribing to feeds. I can't subscribe to web pages. My Ebay page where I watch Fenton glass Christmas trees didn't work on my Google Reader, nor did my other pages that I "shop" on. I see that the purpose of this Reader is to read, not to shop! So, I typed in "education" and "school librarian" and found some appropriate blogs. After adding the prerequisite five, I also added a hockey blog - just in case. They were pretty straightforward to add, although there were several steps involved. I guess I think the magic of the Internet should be quicker!

Actually, I do like the idea of this. I hate to spend more time looking for and at things online than I have to. I want to sit and read books!

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Lesley Farmer said...

that's strange that some websites couldn't be linked, but perhaps they don't offer RSS. It takes a while to set up a reader, but then the time is spent reading everything...
How would you use it in the library?