Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 3 Thing7

In my somewhat backward school, I am one of seven teachers who have second grade classrooms. I have the title of powerpoint creator. Since we all had TVs installed over the last school year (I told you we are backward) everything that used to be a transparency can be a powerpoint. I make powerpoints that are animated and sometimes have sounds. Not always sounds because I have to share a remote for the volume with my neighbor across the hall, and if it's too quiet or too loud, sometimes I can't find the remote to adjust! I share my powerpoints with my team, and they share things with me, so the work is not as much as it could be. The kids like them. We also look online for things that have already been done.
We also can stream from We have a smart board in our building, and I have created Jeoaprdy games for it. They take a while to make!
Technology is a slow process for me, but given my environment, I am just about right. When I read about what all of you are doing with older students, I feel Amish all over again!

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