Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 3 Thing 5

What can I say? As usual, technology has not been my friend. Yesterday afternoon I wrestled with Blogger and Flickr to transfer my Flickr pictures to my blog. I had to stop because I was "becoming unreasonable". I have a heck of a time with technology. At a bonfire/party last night, I was talking to a friend who is taking intro to computer. Her homework for the week involved creating folders and putting things in them. AH, the good old days! My other friend took a technology class for her masters in education last summer. She made a nifty newsletter. I asked the assembled group if anyone knew how to link Flickr with Blogger. Conversation stopped for a few seconds, and resumed as people realized that I just wasn't making any sense. I speak in foreign languages sometimes without knowing it.
OH, well, as you can see, I got it. But not before I was nearly driven to tears (not really, I'm no crybaby). I tell myself every day - "I CAN do this!"


Rebecca said...

You can do it, Martha! One of my colleagues still needs a bit of help with those simpler things like making folders and opening attachments in e-mail. At least most of our homework involves fun tasks like making avatars and looking at pictures! :-)

LibraryGirl said...

Your comments make me laugh! Yes, there are definitely different levels of technology courses. Glad ours is one that is teaching us new things that many people have never heard of!